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How Your Employee’s Energy is Fueling Accountability in the Workplace

September 08, 2016

Poor employee accountability is one of the top 3 greatest challenges my coaching clients wrestle with.  I recently wrote about how to create a culture of accountability, the focus was on what bosses can do to be more successful at holding employees accountable.  Here is another way to think about accountability in the workplace.

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How to Avoid the Upper Limit Problem when Setting Professional Goals

May 18, 2016

Are you taking stock of how you are progressing against your goals for the year?  Ironically, if you are tracking well and likely to nudge close to your goal, or possibly even hit it out of the ballpark, you may fall prey to self-induced behaviors that could ensure you won’t reach your goals. 

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3 Simple Things You Can Do to Foster Accountability in the Workplace

March 16, 2016

There is a topic that resurfaces over and over again with leaders I coach that deserves a few basic reminders.  The topic is how to foster a culture of accountability. 

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Are You On Track To Achieve Your Goals So Far This Year?  (Part 2)

February 15, 2016

In this recent post, I explored some ideas to help you understand why you may not be quite on track toward achieving your goals this year.  In this blog, I’ll offer some ideas for how you can transcend self-created interference and begin some new success habits.

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Are you on track to achieve your goals so far this year?  (Part 1)

February 09, 2016

With one month of 2016 already behind us, it is a good time to ask how well you are moving toward your goals for the year.  If you aren’t quite on track, this blog is for you.

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2 Suggestions on How to Set Your Goals in the Workplace Next Year

December 07, 2015

You don’t have to be from Detroit and grow up with the automotive influence like me to be familiar with Henry Ford’s famous quote:

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13 signs it's time to use team building activities for work meetings

November 16, 2015

Is our modern world of always-on, way-to-much-to do making it tougher than ever for your team to function effectively, especially in meetings?  

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Neuroscience and Leadership

February 11, 2014

Why do I care about brain-based leadership? And why you might want to.

Why do I care about neuroscience? Frankly, I didn't used to have an interest. I don't consider myself a science person. Yet, the more I learn how we can train our brain, the more effective I have experienced I can be at my work.

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