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Introducing Our Comprehensive Checklist on New Role Transitions!

April 28, 2016

Have you been recently promoted or newly hired for a leadership role and you're nervous about jumping into your new role without any guidance?

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Is Management What Your High Potential Employees Really Want?

April 23, 2016

Fast Company posted a thought provoking article about the Five Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a Management Position.  If you are a senior leader responsible for developing emerging leaders, these are actually questions you should be using to talk with future managers about the move from an independent contributor role to a Manager.

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Why Your Team Needs A Team Charter (Part 2)

April 13, 2016

I recently wrote a piece detailing the benefits of using a team charter based on a Neuroscience tool. Here is a case study with a team I worked with that became a high-performing team just by adding a team charter into their practices!

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Why Your Team Needs a Team Charter (Part 1)

April 09, 2016

Working in teams is the norm in today’s workplace.  Working in high performing teams is unfortunately, the exception. One powerful and simple way to help your team function at its best is to create a team charter. 

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Balanced Leadership: When it's Useful for Leaders to be Defensive

April 06, 2016

Typically, when a leader is described as defensive, it pertains to the way he or she behaves that others perceive as resistant, stubborn, combative, close-minded and reactionary, often when being given feedback.  Generally, these are not qualities aligned with the way we think of balanced or highly effective leaders. 

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3 Simple Things You Can Do to Foster Accountability in the Workplace

March 16, 2016

There is a topic that resurfaces over and over again with leaders I coach that deserves a few basic reminders.  The topic is how to foster a culture of accountability. 

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10 Best Practices Bosses Need to Follow to Create a Successful Leader

March 10, 2016

In this recent blog, I made the case for being a succesful leader for your new hire by having a transitional leadership plan in place. Below are best practices I’ve witnessed bosses do to set a newly hired or promoted leader up for success in their new role transition. 

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Being A Successful Leader For Your New Hire: Sink or Swim?

March 07, 2016

More than 70% of executives are not effective at supporting new-to-role peers and managers according the Corporate Executive Board’s research. 

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Unlocking the Answers to Leadership Potential: a case study

March 01, 2016

Imagine you are a senior level leader who experiences these challenges:

  • You have to choose between 4 good internal candidates for a promotion and feel anxious about turning 3 of them down. After the news is broken to the unselected candidates you immediately send them an email offering to take them out for lunch and offer to help them with their development
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2016 Leadership Trends: Help Your Business Attract and Keep Millennials

February 23, 2016

In this recent blog post, I shared a compilation of research on how leadership is changing.  A trend was very evident that leaders are being expected to demonstrate a collaborative and empathetic leadership style.  Leadership trends are evidence of changes usually driven for a reason. 

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